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38 | Irons in the fire

Corey contemplates spending longer, focused time on big projects instead of juggling multiple projects at once. Chris feels like he's currently floundering a bit while jumping from one thing to the next. They also talk about competition, angel investing, and Berkshire Hathaway.

37 | Thinking in public

Corey shares the (candidly disappointing) results of opening enrollment for Swipe Files courses. Chris has a mostly heads down week while working on a big infrastructure update. They also talk about some potential pivots for Swipe Files and paying for SaaS products.

36 | K club and comma club

Corey reaches a Twitter following milestone and opens up enrollment for his courses. Chris celebrates a milestone and ramps up hiring for Jetboost. They also discuss burnout, launching on Product Hunt, and hiring VAs.

35 | Surprisingly calm

Corey tests the waters with a "marketing bootcamp" cohort-based course and begins onboarding a virtual assistant. Chris has a surprisingly calm week. They also answer a listener question about how to evaluate new product ideas.

34 | The hedonic treadmill of MRR

Corey accidentally starts a Twitter growth challenge with 100+ people. Chris ships off the Modkit update and has to send a difficult email to customers. They also talk about the hedonic treadmill of revenue growth and the myth of passive income.

33 | Mo people mo problems

Corey celebrates a year since launching Swipe Files and getting renewal revenue for the first time. Chris shares some struggles he's been facing as Jetboost continues to evolve. They also talk about Basecamp's recent changes regarding company policies and practices.

32 | The internet is not real life

Corey gets back from vacation and brainstorms the Swipe Files roadmap. With support becoming less of a concern, Chris shifts his focus toward marketing. They also talk about founder life as a parent, onboarding surveys, and how the internet is not real life.

31 | Putting money to work

Corey thinks about putting some saved money to work for Swipe Files. Chris has a great week as Noah is off and running on Jetboost support. They also talk about Earnest Capital's upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder and the viability of a return.

30 | March-ing along

Corey gets his first newsletter sponsor and talks about the "ORB Framework" for marketing. Chris shares insights from his first quarterly advisory board meeting for Jetboost. They also discuss some strategies for growing a podcast and the pros and cons of acquiring a Shopify app.

29 | Enough is enough

Corey launches the Tiny Marketing Ideas newsletter and invites the first beta users to Help A Creator. Chris unexpectedly lands his first support hire! They also talk about reaching your "enough" number and being able to step away from your business mentally.

28 | Feeling the FOMO

Corey launches a new workshop series for Swipe Files and invests in Gumroad. Chris progresses closer to his first support hire as he outlines the position requirements. They also talk about jealousy and comparing yourself to other indie hackers and founders.

27 | SOLD (Part 2)

Corey shares the numbers behind course sales, more on the Hey Marketers acquisition, and a Swipe Files revenue milestone. Chris gives thanks to Earnest Capital and sees how great delegating can be. They also talk about the acquisition of Makerpad and how SaaS companies will continue to integrate with media and communities.

26 | SOLD

Corey shares details on the Hey Marketers acquisition and opens enrollment for his two courses. Chris is eager to move forward after a challenging month and reveals who he hired to create Jetboost tutorial videos. They also talk about having a business vs personal bank account, Corey's Hiten Shah interview on Everything Is Marketing, and the nuances of Stripe payouts.

25 | To Clubhouse or not to Clubhouse

Corey scales back on consulting and workshops a new idea for a course. Chris has a rough week dealing with server issues, but managed to finally update the Jetboost website. They also discuss consulting vs working on your own products, why "product market fit" isn't that useful of a term, and of course, clubhouse.

24 | Hiring saga continues

Corey shares some numbers on the launch of Everything Is Marketing and attempts to make room for Deep Work. Chris thinks about hiring and his new schedule as a dad. They also talk about when to hire, when to take a business moonshot, and more baby analogies about business.

23 | Babies and bootstrapping

Corey finally launches his new podcast Everything Is Marketing. Chris comes back from paternity leave and has an outage scare right before his son is born. They also talk about the lack of health insurance and mortgages for entrepreneurs, Corey's new no-code project, and plateau profitability.

22 | Better done than perfect with Jane Portman

Corey prepares to launch his new podcast Everything Is Marketing. Jane talks about the new direction for Userlist in 2021 becoming a full-blown ESP. They also talk about early-stage SaaS growth, starting and growing a podcast, and the new Swipe Files book club.

21 | Fighting marketing bullsh*t with Louis Grenier

Corey buys swipefiles.com and releases the trailer for his new podcast. Louis prepares for his hotseat workshop and begins creating new content for his podcast Everyone Hates Marketers. They also talk about what it means to be productive, earning and capitalizing on trust, and being self-critical.

20 | Rent money revenue and the first customer with Noah Bragg

Corey gets to "rent-money" revenue with Swipe Files. Noah gets the first customer for his new SaaS called Potion. They also talk about how much marketing you should do early on, which segment of a market you should target first, and how to plan for irregular cash flow.

19 | Juggling a growing SaaS *and* online course with Louis Nicholls

Chris is out temporarily with the pending due date of his new baby, so Louis Nicholls is filling in as a guest host.

18 | Front page of Product Hunt

Corey gets covid and gets hunted on Product Hunt. Chris sees some early success with Jetboost's bundled subscriptions and opens them up for everyone. They also talk about switching to annual billing for software, the differences in customer support expectations for different widgets, and having a high enough ARPU for a referral program.

17 | Surviving 2020

Corey and Chris review their progress in 2020 and look forward to what's next in 2021. They also discuss Mailbrew's approach to bootstrapping, the process of launching on Product Hunt, and the recent stir caused by the new owners of Baremetrics.

16 | No holiday breaks allowed

Corey launches a new weekly curated marketing digest and works on a public "1,000 true fans" experiment. Chris is racing to finish development on Jetboost's big upcoming release before the year-end. They also talk about trying to take time off for the holidays, delegating work, clean vs messy code, and Mailbrew's "public brews".

15 | The business of bundling

Corey considers a Swipe Files bundle that also includes his two courses. Chris debates a few different bundling options for Jetboost Boosters. They also talk about hobbies (or more accurately lack thereof), managing your psychology on down days, launching on Product Hunt (or not!), and documentation.

14 | Living the passive income dream

Corey reveals the numbers behind his course sales after opening enrollment and starts planning for 2021. Chris hires development help and starts preparing for paternity leave. They also talk about the reality of productivity and setting goals as an optimistic entrepreneur.

13 | This episode is 50% off

Corey opens up enrollment for his two courses and makes some no-code breakthroughs for Swipe Files. Chris is heads down working on the fifth Booster for Jetboost and may have some additional dev help on the way. They also ramble about Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for SaaS, rounding out 2020, and quieting the no-code haters.

12 | Front page fame

Corey prepares for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and considers where to take Swipe Files in the new year. Chris is having success outsourcing, as he has a project reach the Webflow Front Page for the first time, and he announces a surprising new Jetboost customer. They also talk about how often to message your email list.

11 | Sometimes the customer is always right

Corey questions how to sell the Swipe Files membership and differentiate from other marketing digital products. Chris releases a heavily requested Jetboost feature and admits that he should have listened to his customers sooner. They also discuss the Baremetrics sale, QSBS, rant about Hacker News, and share their experiences with early employee stock options and profit-sharing.

10 | Confession time

Corey confesses that he hasn't been shipping as much as he should trying to be a perfectionist and secures sponsors for his new podcast under Swipe Files. Chris confesses that the election was a major distraction for him, but thanks to Founder Summit was able to make progress on a new pricing model for Jetboost. They also talk about getting feedback for podcasts, finding fulfillment in the work you do, and some tips for growing your personal network.

9 | Calm before the storm

Corey starts consulting part-time with an early-stage startup and finds some clarity about why people purchase a Swipe Files membership. Chris is in a groove shipping updates to Jetboost and is now working on the number one feature request from the past year. They also talk about the process of capturing and prioritizing customer requests, new note-taking apps like Roam and Obsidian, and how to think about your personal vs company account on Twitter.

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