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19 | Juggling a growing SaaS *and* online course with Louis Nicholls

Chris is out temporarily with the pending due date of his new baby, so Louis Nicholls is filling in as a guest host.

18 | Front page of Product Hunt

Corey gets covid and gets hunted on Product Hunt. Chris sees some early success with Jetboost's bundled subscriptions and opens them up for everyone. They also talk about switching to annual billing for software, the differences in customer support expectations for different widgets, and having a high enough ARPU for a referral program.

17 | Surviving 2020

Corey and Chris review their progress in 2020 and look forward to what's next in 2021. They also discuss Mailbrew's approach to bootstrapping, the process of launching on Product Hunt, and the recent stir caused by the new owners of Baremetrics.

16 | No holiday breaks allowed

Corey launches a new weekly curated marketing digest and works on a public "1,000 true fans" experiment. Chris is racing to finish development on Jetboost's big upcoming release before the year-end. They also talk about trying to take time off for the holidays, delegating work, clean vs messy code, and Mailbrew's "public brews".

15 | The business of bundling

Corey considers a Swipe Files bundle that also includes his two courses. Chris debates a few different bundling options for Jetboost Boosters. They also talk about hobbies (or more accurately lack thereof), managing your psychology on down days, launching on Product Hunt (or not!), and documentation.

14 | Living the passive income dream

Corey reveals the numbers behind his course sales after opening enrollment and starts planning for 2021. Chris hires development help and starts preparing for paternity leave. They also talk about the reality of productivity and setting goals as an optimistic entrepreneur.

13 | This episode is 50% off

Corey opens up enrollment for his two courses and makes some no-code breakthroughs for Swipe Files. Chris is heads down working on the fifth Booster for Jetboost and may have some additional dev help on the way. They also ramble about Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for SaaS, rounding out 2020, and quieting the no-code haters.

12 | Front page fame

Corey prepares for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and considers where to take Swipe Files in the new year. Chris is having success outsourcing, as he has a project reach the Webflow Front Page for the first time, and he announces a surprising new Jetboost customer. They also talk about how often to message your email list.

11 | Sometimes the customer is always right

Corey questions how to sell the Swipe Files membership and differentiate from other marketing digital products. Chris releases a heavily requested Jetboost feature and admits that he should have listened to his customers sooner. They also discuss the Baremetrics sale, QSBS, rant about Hacker News, and share their experiences with early employee stock options and profit-sharing.

10 | Confession time

Corey confesses that he hasn't been shipping as much as he should trying to be a perfectionist and secures sponsors for his new podcast under Swipe Files. Chris confesses that the election was a major distraction for him, but thanks to Founder Summit was able to make progress on a new pricing model for Jetboost. They also talk about getting feedback for podcasts, finding fulfillment in the work you do, and some tips for growing your personal network.

9 | Calm before the storm

Corey starts consulting part-time with an early-stage startup and finds some clarity about why people purchase a Swipe Files membership. Chris is in a groove shipping updates to Jetboost and is now working on the number one feature request from the past year. They also talk about the process of capturing and prioritizing customer requests, new note-taking apps like Roam and Obsidian, and how to think about your personal vs company account on Twitter.

8 | You are not your MRR

Corey realizes his emotions are directly tied to his revenue forecast, sets a roadmap, and commits to start working with a new consulting client. Chris has a breakthrough and solves a longstanding product issue. He also looks to learn more about people who aren't having success with Jetboost. Additionally, they discuss the pros and cons of live chat support and why you might aim to shrink your product's knowledge base rather than grow it.

7 | Having fun again and emailing with Seth Godin

Corey shoots his shot with Seth Godin, opens up the Swipe Files community to the public, and commits to a new weekly schedule. Chris is having fun again as Jetboost reaches Default Alive, working with freelancers is paying off, and he's building some exciting new features. They also chat about code vs no-code, why you should use Webflow for your company's marketing site, and how to respectfully say no to requests and messages from internet friends.

6 | Investing in rest, outsourcing, and time management

Corey reflects on spending a week on vacation while moving the ball forward with the Swipe Files community, new podcast, and free trial tweaks. Chris launched the latest Jetboost add-on, Auto-Archiving for Webflow CMS Items, and after some initial investment upfront, began to experience the benefits of outsourcing work. They also talk about scheduling your week, preparing for the end of the year, and launching a community.

5 | Creating stories with Michael Aubry

Corey is off enjoying his vacation this week, so Chris is joined by a special guest, Michael Aubry, the founder of Story Creator!

4 | Side-tracked and on the right track

Corey explores selling one of his side businesses while also ramping up coaching and contemplating how to best package Swipe Files. Chris reaches out to potential customers and discovers that he's on the right track, but is slowed down by date and time zone complexities. They also discuss the challenge of stepping back from their businesses while on vacation.

3 | Making progress as a Company of One

Corey has a crazy first week on his own and contemplates how to create a calm "company of one." Chris forces himself out of the product development vacuum for his latest product and starts working on hiring out some engineering as marketing. They also talk about mental capacity as a knowledge worker, debate the incentives of public companies, and reducing information overload.

2 | An anniversary and an announcement

Corey parts ways with Baremetrics and goes full-time as a creator. Chris celebrates his one year anniversary working on Jetboost and grapples with an increased support volume. They also talk about having a job vs a business, evergreen vs invitation membership models, and what it was like first starting out.

1 | Default Alive or Default Dead?

Corey and Chris introduce the concept of the show, what to expect, and what it means to be "default alive." Corey talks about how he switched his courses from evergreen to an open/close model and now trying to figure out how to make the Swipe Files membership more valuable. Chris talks about how he mostly did marketing in August and is now switching back to "product mode." They also discuss the pros and cons of transparency and how it's different between software and content businesses.

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